DJ Equipment You’ll Need To Record Podcasts

If you are interested in making DJ podcasts, it is a good idea to fill yourself in with what’s required first. The DJ equipment required for podcasting is not very expensive to begin with. Very high skills are not required either for DJ podcasting.

For a beginner not many types of equipment are required. You can start with the computer which you most likely own already, recording equipment, recording software and a microphone are all the DJ equipment you require.

  • Computer. As a beginner it is enough to have your old computer. It must have a sound card. As the time passes and you acquire skills in podcasting you may shop for a better computer. The new one must have a RAM of 512 MB and must be able to run Microsoft Windows XP. The hard disc must have enough space to accommodate all your podcast downloads and all your podcast audio files. When you buy a new computer make sure that the sound card has line-in and line-out jacks. Jacks are also required for headphones and microphones. All these jacks are to be placed in the front for easy control. A high speed internet connection is also needed.
  • Recording software. Recording software is available on the internet to be downloaded free of cost.
  • Voice recorder. A voice recorder is an essential DJ equipment for podcasting. When you go for a new one, make sure that it has professional quality. A portable voice recorder is very useful.
  • Microphones. A good set of microphones are necessary. If you have a good quality portable voice recorder, you need not buy microphones separately. Microphones are built into the portable recorders.

Pop filter is an optional DJ equipment you can buy to increase the quality of your podcast. Some popping sounds are coming along with certain words. The pop filters cut out such sounds. Pop filters also suppress the hissing sound. These pop filters must be placed between the mouth and the microphone. A microphone stand also must be added to you DJ equipment to free your hands for better control. A good brand of mixer and a USB interface will add to the quality of your podcast considerably. While you go professional you may surely require an office and a recording studio. This will be especially convenient when you start recording and publishing podcasts regularly.

If you want to take up podcasting seriously, go all out for that. You will master it in a short while. Even if you buy some professional equipment, they are not very expensive. There are some really goods brands in the market to choose from. Because of completion and mass production the prices have come down drastically, of late. Podcast studio kits of many reputed manufacturers cost less than £100 per kit. A word of caution is that when you buy the equipment, insist upon some of the better known brands for their quality. While you gain experience you will be able to master the art. Before long you will be a star in podcasting.