DJ Software Applications

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When becoming a DJ, it’s essential to know how to use a music software application. Depending on the software, you may need some time to learn and how to use them for your music as the software will have different interfaces. If you’re a beginner and looking to buy your first music software application, it’s important to look around the market first and see which application will work for you. Below are some of our recommendations.


If you’re a beginner and don’t have the budget to buy an advanced software, you can start with the Mixxx DJ application. The first thing to mention is that this application is free. However, as you know with free applications, there are always limits. This software is built and designed for amateurs DJ and contains all the basics that you need. It’s the perfect software application if you’re trying things out. It’s compatible on both Microsoft and Mac users. 

DJ Rekorbox

The DJ Rekorbox comes with four decks and offers an enormous amount of effects and has different functionalities for mixing and blending your music. Another great thing about this software is that you don’t have to pay monthly to use it, you can own it for less than £100. The price is very affordable for amateurs. 

Serato DJ

The Serato DJ is one of the most used and most popular software in the market today. You can purchase their basic software which comes with everything you need to get started. However, if you’re looking for advanced setup, you can buy one of their extension packs to suit your needs. Another one of the main benefits is that it comes with a massive onboard library. So if you’re a beginner, you can look to purchase their starter software and then upgrade to their extension packs when you’re ready to use their advanced options. Prices start from £75.

How To Get Started With DJ Mixing Software

Between software and controllers, the latest DJ tools present a world of possibilities.

Mixing software like Virtual DJ is widely considered the most economic choice amongst DJs seeking a basic mix building experience. It can be operated on either a Mac- or Windows-based controller, but doesn’t require DJ controllers to operate to the fullest extent. Two tracks may be played and beat-matched at once, and tracks may be imported from any folder or media player library.

Torq DJ is a slightly more complex program. It conforms to the common DJ software layout format, and features the possibility for mixing four decks at once. Torq also features all the basic functions: beat-matching, internal mixer, soundcard capabilities, and a waveform display. The layout may be crowded, but can be adjusted for comfort. Torq is largely accepted as being the beginning of professional DJ mixing software. DJ software like Virtual DJ is mostly used for use at home or private parties, whereas Torq is often used at clubs and stage performances. Many local and online audio retailers sell a complete version of Torq off the shelf, but it may also be downloaded online.

Traktor presents an extremely diverse mixing software experience, perhaps the most vibrant of the four top softwares. It can be purchased as Duo 2, Scratch Duo 2 , Pro 2, or Scratch Pro 2. Duo 2 and Pro 2 are only mixing software; the Duo boasts two-track mixing, and Pro boasts four-track mixing. Native Instruments also produces the Audio 2, 6, and 10 DJ audio interfaces, all of which can be applied to any Traktor and other audio software. They’re highly reputed in the DJ community, alongside Traktor software. Traktor is also compatible with different digital DJ mixers, which includes some of the finest mixers in the world. It’s also famous for its excellent timecoded vinyl experience, which has been demonstrated around the world by the renowned DJ Grandmaster Flash. Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Carl Cox, and Ean Golden are some of the most renowned users of this software. Traktor is available around the world at local and online audio retailers, but can also be downloaded.

Serato is a based dominantly around the timecoded vinyl experience. It produces its own line of tomcod vinyl, works essentially in conjunction with Rane instruments, and boasts a clean, minimal on-screen layout that is highly preferred by many turntablist DJ’s. It can also be used as only DJ mixing software, and doesn’t require turntables to be used. DJ Atrak and DJ Jazzy Jeff, both legendary turntablists, use Serato exclusively. Serato Scratch Live comes equipped with the SL2 audio interface, whereas the SL3 pack comes equipped with an edition capable of controlling video as well as audio. SL4 allows up to four turntables to be used at once. Serato is the industry standard at odds with Traktor, and, although applicable to any kind of DJ, is mainly accessible by hip hop, rap, and turntablist DJ’s. Serato is available for free from their official website, whereas SL hardware is available at online and local retailers.…