The Advantages of the Latest DJ Equipment Capable of Playing MP3s

dj equipment

Disc Jockey plays a glamorous role in parties, events or functions. However, DJing is not all about playing records and catering to the audience’s requests. It’s also about owning the right kind of DJ equipment and of course having an ear for music. To play the right kind of music and to be an instant hit with your audience, you need to have all the proper gear for playing music. Having the right gadgets will always put the DJ at an advantage, especially if he or she is a beginner in the field. While it’s true that it’s not just the music player that keeps the show going, a whole lot of importance should be attributed to DJ equipment. Therefore, one should look for quality gear to play the mp3s, rather than looking for the cheapest and newest model.

To create music that flows seamlessly, the DJ should be aware of the latest trends in DJ equipment. There are traditional vinyl decks such as Technics 1200, which DJs use, but newer and better software is coming into the market, which can help DJs to create an entirely remarkable sound. ION is a company that has come up with a special product that enables your vinyl DJ equipment to play MP3s too. There are still DJs who prefer to play with the vinyl because they can “scratch” it whenever they want and create something new.

DJ equipment from Pioneer will help in spinning live performances that exude reliability, excellent sound quality and operability. Pioneer has recognised the need for new generation players and has come up with a new digital multi-media player that enhances the professionalism of DJs. CDJ850 is one of the latest cd players released by Pioneer. It integrates a large jog dial to help juggle tasks and create free-flowing music without any hindrance. This one not only incorporates a USB port but also allows DJs to mix in a variety of music formats like MP3, Wav, aac and aiff. The major advantage that players like CDJ850 have over all other traditional players is that they have a horde of functions that help create better music.

Apart from enabling the DJ to create and edit playlists, the latest music accessories in the market can register tracks while playing music and queue it up to the playlist. It also has a user-friendly interface and the DJ will have all the information of any particular song readily available. Some of the latest players allow DJs to control the tempo of music through a variety of settings.

Denon has also come out with some remarkable DJ equipment lately. They have released something called a DN-S700 Tabletop CD/MP3 Disc Player. Compared to Denon’s flagship DJ equipment, this one really gets the crown, as it features four pitch ranges, fader start, pitch bend auto or manual BPM, one hot start, three onboard FX and, CD text display. DN-S700 allows MP3 playback, contains a new and powerful DSP and memory that excels the limit of all other music players currently in the market. In addition, it allows for file search quite easily by doing the job automatically and storing music for extended playback. This premium-grade player allows professional entertainers to provide unprecedented creativity and ultimate showmanship. Whatever DJ equipment one has, it is mandatory to look after them carefully because of the susceptibility to wear and tear resulting from constant usage.

The DJ equipment that most DJs use is composed of ordinary CD players, turntables and pitch-controlled computer equipment. DJs also have a mixer that allows music to playback through one channel while the DJ can listen in on the second channel with headphones. Apart from the music player and headphones, audio players should also consist of the PA system, an effects unit, microphones, speakers, a drum machine and other instruments that help to create good music. The DJ should also possess a sound system that magnifies the music and creates waves in the hall. Such tools are indispensable parts of a DJ’s setup.